Saturday, July 7, 2018

Taste Test

Last week in Korat, I did some taste tests with various sauces - on a wee electric grill because I cant have propane or charcoal in the condo.  It worked surprisingly well.

Now, it's time for the real thing.  20 lbs of ribs for the 4th of July BBQ.


Monday, July 2, 2018

Thailand's Baby Jessica

Thailand just gave birth to its own "Baby Jessica", but instead of a baby girl it was a junior high soccer team, instead of a well it was a flooded cave, and instead of 2.5 days it was 10.

As a team bonding activity, the team attempted to spelunk a mountain cave during the rainy season, but the rain came in and they never came out.  Apparently, the cave entrance had clear signs saying "Do Not Enter" during this time of year.  They may have survived 10 days in a flooded cavern, but their mothers are really going to kill them for not paying attention to those signs - the soccer coach, who led them in there is better off staying inside that mountain.

This is a cartoon from about 5 days ago.  It's all the kids yelling "Yeah!" when they see the SEAL team arrive to save them. 

Maps of the mountain cave

Student's from the kids' school saying morning prayers

Real super heroes

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bali With Boonchu 2018

This was my introduction to Bali - a mile long immigration line.  I must have looked anxious because a security guard came over and asked if I wanted to use the "express" lane for a $25 "fee".  I love Asia.

Boonchu (Carl's nickname in the Peace Corps) got there before me and had beers waiting.

Nice rooms at the Sheraton.  No beach view, but there was a little river outside our porches that connected our rooms.
This is where we spent most of our days.  Kuta Beach

This is after our surf lesson with our teacher, Guru Black

The first day there was not much of a sunset.


Surfing really makes you thirsty.  We had 30 beers between us at the beach bar.


Carl making pit stop


The second day we were back at the same spot

Here's to Bali


Bali Back Alley Motorbike Ride

If you've been to Bali recently, you know the traffic is insane, so Carl and I took motorcycle taxis to get around - Peace Corps training pays off again.

Here's a video to show you what the back streets of Bali look like.