Friday, October 24, 2014

New Chair

I didn't need a chair, but after traversing a 3 mile maze and battling a thousand other lost souls, I couldn't walk away from IKEA empty handed.  So, I bought a chair.

So far, I've sat on it once, as it's now covered in cat fur, but at least I get my sofa back.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Nuch and I found a new seafood restaurant near our place.  As usual, before we can start eating, Nuch must take some pictures and post them on her Facebook.

We had finished our meal and Nuch reminded me to "Like" her Facebook post.  When she checked her phone to be sure that I had "liked" her post (some couples have different ways of saying I love you), she asked in her best "I see dead people" voice - Do you notice anything?  I told her - yes, this restaurant is full of lesbians, which it was.  I figured that, unbeknownst to us, it was a secret hang out and Nuch had noticed the same thing. 

No!!  She told me to check her Facebook post.  I looked at the picture, then looked around, and a chill went down my spine.  The statue of the lady had moved and was now facing Nuch.  

I'm as skeptical as they come, but I had not noticed anyone behind our table.  We were in the back corner of this restaurant, so nobody could have walked behind us, and the staircase was used more like shelves, piled with trinkets, so nobody could have come down.  

The only other possibility is that a waiter moved the statue while Nuch and I were entranced by our smartphones and we did not notice them - but, who would believe that?


Tipper has been on a little holiday this past week.

The veterinarian sent some pictures so Nuch and I can be sure that Tipper is enjoying herself.

In The Year 2099

The Bangkok Sky Train and Underground system will look like this.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Minnow Snacks

You're supposed to eat the whole thing - tail, fins, bones and all. They were surprisingly good, but I couldn't bring myself to finish off the heads.  Like the Mona Lisa, the eyes watch you wherever you go.